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Newspaper Drive 2019

The highly awaited annual inter house competition, the newspaper collection drive was held at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel with the same excitement and enthusiasm from the students. The highest awarding event in the inter house competitions calendar, The newspaper drive was of utmost importance to the students and the house Masters / Assistant House Masters.

As time progressed, the final date for the newspaper collection drive was announced to be on 30th August, 2019. This announcement sparked the sense of urgency in all the students, which led to the students of various grades beginning to approach their House Master / Assistant House Master or their House Captain / Assistant House Captain. The students carrying loads of newspaper became a common sight, which became even more frequent towards the final weeks of the collection drive. After months of hard work and coordination among the team members, every house was able to accumulate a significant load of newspapers for their respective houses. The final date was here and the weighing of the newspapers had begun. A nervous atmosphere was created within the school as everyone waited silently in anticipation for a victory. After a very long time invested in weighing all the newspapers, the total collection by each house was known. The results surprised the school, as it was the Ruby House who had yet again won the drive for alone collecting newspapers of 722.30 kg weight against the total collection of 1707.85 kg, which was definitely an achievement put together that the students, teachers and all the contributing members can be proud of.

The collected newspapers are donated to an NGO, Soroptimist International, Chembur working for the welfare of women in the society. The newspaper drive is just one of the many events that Soroptimist International conducts, to spread awareness about the life of women in the society and Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel is delighted to support Soroptimist International each year for this noble cause.

By – Jonathan Reuben
IBDP 2 Student
Batch – 2018-2020

Collection Drive 2019

Mahatma Education Society in collaboration with Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur and Goonj – a nonprofit organisation, conducted their annual collection drive in the last week of June. The objective of the drive was to utilise excessive or unused material in urban households that could be channelized to rural areas. Students were urged to donate items such as old tiffin boxes, books, clothes, board games and toys which would then be given to the underprivileged children with the help of the NGO Goonj. Goonj is a non profit organisation which strives to build up on the idea across regions, economies and countries with the main motive of using urban discard as a tool to alleviate poverty and improve the living standards of poor around the world.

As a part of their CAS activity, the IBDP students took lead on this initiative. They conducted an assembly for the younger students, briefing them about the objective and ideology behind this drive and urging them to lend a helping hand.

The response from the students was enormous. Everyone from the early years to the teachers contributed to the drive. The senior grade students visited the classrooms every day to collect the items to be donated. They also helped segregate and pack the items in boxes, ready to take to the kids. We managed to raise more than 20 boxes of items.

This initiative promoted the students to be social and to be empathetic to the world around them. It taught them how every bit counts and brought about in them a keenness to make a difference to their community.

By – Nupur Divekar
IBDP 2 Student
Batch – 2018-2020

Newspaper Collection Drive 2018

It was that time of the year again, the most awaited and nail-biting event of the academic year. Sights of students carrying huge sacks of papers would greet your eyes each day. The event in question is none other than the Old Newspaper Drive- an annual inter-house competition at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel.

The genesis of this event started in the month of September, wherein it was announced by our Principal, Ms. Shraddha Sardesai that students of their respective houses could collect old newspapers as well as conduct drives in their neighbourhood. The papers were then submitted to the House Masters/ Assistant House Masters. The collection drive was to conclude on 15th October.

The atmosphere was rent with excitement as each student scrambled to collect as many newspapers as possible for their houses. It was indeed a heartening sight as we witnessed the spirit of loyalty and commitment. Such was the perseverance that students would push their parents to take them on collection drives throughout the society on a regular basis.

The rules for this event had changed this year. Each house had to collect and deposit their papers in allotted classrooms and this process had to be supervised by the respective House Masters. The Hindu-Student edition paper distributed each day at school was excluded from the list of papers to be collected.

As the days went on, the level of excitement jumped by leaps and bounds. Anticipation was rife in the air as each house pitched in their efforts to outdo the others. Finally, it was D-DAY. The weighing of the papers was to happen in each room under the supervision of the authorities. As tense moments passed by, students were eager to know the results.

The final outcome of the house-wise collection was as follows: Ruby House came first with total collection of 402.10 kg, Emerald House collected 309.4 kg, Sapphire House collected 287.98 kg and Topaz House collected 254 kg. Overall the sum collection of the school was around 1525 kg. The proceeds of this collection were handed over to Soroptomist Charitable Trust, Chembur.

The event concluded with many learnt lessons. Team work and dedication were the uncontested winners. It held testimony to the yearly tradition of a competitive spirit as anticipation for the next year has already begun.

– Sarah Kurian

Newspaper Collection Drive 2017

In the first week of September, the Inter-House Newspaper Collection / Drive was officially declared open. Every student collected newspapers for their House, hoping to see their House in the limelight. A month later, after tons of hard work and team effort, the newspapers were brought together to be weighed. Everyone waited with anticipation to hear the results!

Which House would get the most points?

Eventually, Emerald House was declared the winning House, followed by Ruby, Topaz and Sapphire, respectedly.

The money from the sale of the newspapers collected by the students of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel was donated to the Soroptimist International Bombay Chembur (SIBC) to be utilised for a great cause.

This House event was a great team bonding experience and we wish all the Houses the best of luck for next year!

Newspaper Collection Drive 2016

A newspaper collection drive was organised at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel in August, 2016. The idea was to collect old newspapers from students and teachers and donate the money obtained from the sale to SIBC, Soroptimist International Chembur Bombay.

To generate interest in the newspaper collection drive, the Principal announced that the Four Houses of DPGA would compete to see which House collected the most.

The House that collected the most newspapers (by weight) would be awarded 40 points!

This announcement generated intense interest among the students and teachers alike. During the days that followed, one could see here a House Master exhorting students to collect more papers, there little groups of students cajoling teachers and their peers to contribute more to the newspaper collection drive.

The drive came to an end on 19th August, 2016.

The days just before the final date for newspaper collection, saw our students rushing here and there collecting papers in a last frantic attempt to collect the most for their respective Houses.

From Lunch time onwards, the students themselves carted all their collection to the place allocated to them in the Assembly area. It was heart-warming to see the terrific enthusiasm of the youngsters as they lugged the heavy newspapers to the designated areas.

The teachers felt proud to see the students engaged in hard physical work and lending a helping hand to others, often regardless of their House affiliation. Truly, education at DPGA, New Panvel leads to the development of psycho-motor, cognitive and affective domains of the students, in the real sense.

The students ‘Oohed’ and ‘Aaahed’ while the weight tally steadily increased for their respective Houses and let out triumphant whoops when the final result was declared!

The House Masters were elated at the results of the weighing and could be seen cheering and congratulating their students.

Emerald House collected 685 kilograms of old newspapers;

Topaz House collected 601 kilograms of old newspapers;

Sapphire House collected 494 kilograms of old newspapers and Ruby House collected 322 kilograms of old newspapers.

A whopping 2102 kilograms of newspapers had been collected, enabling the school to raise an astounding Rs. 21,100 for charity!

We pray to the Almighty to guide us in many more such worthwhile endeavours.

Old Newspaper Collection Drive 2015

Soroptimist International is a global volunteer organization working to improve the lives of women and girls through programmes leading to their social and economic development. In light of this noble cause, a representative from Soroptomist International Bombay came forward and organised an Old Newspaper Collection Drive at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel.

The collection of old newspapers happened over a span of one month and the project was driven out of a great degree of excitement as it was conducted as an inter-house activity. There was active participation from every member of the four houses of the school – Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz. Each house was enthusiastic in collecting newspapers because this was the most score providing activity for the academic year.

Every year this competition takes place and each year more than 1000 kilograms of newspapers are collected and sold. This year around 1400 kilograms of newspapers were collected and sold. The proceeds from the activity go towards the charitable cause at Soroptomist International Bombay.

Overall the drive was a great success and we hope for more collection the next year.

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