Teacher’s Day

Teacher’s Day Celebration 2019

Teachers Day Event was something, which we always wanted to conduct, as a small gratitude towards our teacher. Our expectations exceeded our desired ideas and although there were numerous suggestions and infinite what-not-to-do’s.

The event was planned while looking at the budget, number of performance, decoration, theme and much more. It was not easy to start all the performance practices after studying hours at school. However, we managed to utilize our weekends for the practices.

To conduct a good event we needed excellent hosts, who will keep the crowd energised. Our hosts were Siddharth Singh and Lynette George from IB1. All the performances were from grade 8 to 12 students. The coordination between everyone was off in the start but with the help of our council members, we were able to be back on track and run the planning smoothly.

The dress code on September 5, was decided to be warm colours. Students were dressed up as teachers and our seniors were wearing saree. All senior students were allotted a class, to look for some time of the day, this was to show them how hard it is to look after small kids and teachers have to come up with every solution to handle different types of situations. We arranged photo booth for the teachers. We had two interns from our very own Pillai campus who gave their helping hand during this event and were happy to click photos for our teachers. Special thanks to our Art department for helping to arrange the necessary items behind the beautiful photo booth.

The event began at 1 p.m. our council was all ready to invite teachers in with a flower and a card. The event started with jokes, followed by a lovely singing performance by Melissa, Prabha, Lynette and Harsh. We had Siya from grade 9 enacting a story. We played games in which teachers was invited up on stage. It was fun to watch them being free from the duties for a moment. Due to lack of time, we had to cancel one of the games planned. We had a meme slideshow were we connected and made memes for individual teacher. Teachers were laughing on their own meme keeping in mind that no one should get offended. The event moved forward with a situational dance by grade 8 students, were a situation of a classroom with teachers were connected to a particular song. We had a very sweet and lovely song sung by Harsh. A dance performance by seniors was the last performance of the day.

The celebration ended up with cutting the cake and by taking many pictures. Many struggles and barriers were seen from the beginning until the end of the programme, but with the help of council members and individual department, we were able to overcome those.

Seeing our teachers smile and laugh and enjoying so much with themselves and with us, made us more proud and gave a feeling of completion of a successful event.

By – Hasti Sharda & Sagarika Bhagatkar
IBDP 1 &A Level Students
Batch – 2019-2021

Teacher’s Day Celebration 2015

A Proud Moment for Teachers

The teachers of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel would have Friday, 4th September, 2015 etched into their memories.

The school celebrated yet another Teachers’ Day.

Every classroom; every student oozed with an indescribable warmth and love. In the first half of the day, the teachers were showered with cards, gifts, flowers and cakes. A hula hoop dance performance by Paayal and Asmi of grade 6, handmade candles by Zainab and Nusaiba of grade 5 and 4 respectively and a variety of delectable chocolates only added to the celebrations.

The second half of the day witnessed a breathtaking show organized by the school’s council members that involved grades 8 and above. After the whole school had settled in the auditorium, a little after one p.m, the show began in all its splendor and pomp.

The program — a typical Bollywood sort film fare award function style; hosted by two talented boys, Ameya Deshpande (IB1) and Salman Naik (A Levels), commenced with a song performed by the IB students. Three skits were enacted as well that showcased both the light hearted side and the difficulties of teaching in a class and addressed different aspects of student behaviour. The most surprising performance was that of Rohit (A levels) who recently discovered his fantastic acting prowess. The students through their plays conveyed what an important role a teacher plays in their school experience. In their words: a teacher is like a soldier. The difference is that the soldier fights on the borders and ensures our future and a teacher fights within the country shaping and molding the future of its citizens.

Some of the interesting activities that kept the teachers entertained were: guess the tagline and song apt for the teachers; a fashion show for teachers; delightful dance performances and skill based games.

At the end after students dispersed a cake was cut for all the teachers, participants and council members followed by a short dance party.

The celebration ended on a sweet note with loads of happiness.

Teacher’s Day Celebration 2013

The Teachers’ Day was celebrated with enthusiasm at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel on 4th September, 2013.

The entire event was planned and put up by the students to make their teachers feel special. While the event was on, the Student Council team took the responsibility of handling the children of the school.

On this occasion, the students gave the greeting cards prepared by them to their teachers as they entered the auditorium. The comperes Shadab Zariwala and Saba Zariwala (AS level) kept the mood upbeat throughout the event. The event began with a prayer song, followed by a beautiful song for thanking the teachers. Aishwarya Sridhar of Grade A2 gave a speech on the importance of the day. She also dedicated a beautiful poem for the teachers. Then, the students performed a wonderful dance dedicated to their teachers. This was followed by a small presentation by the principal, Hamilton Sir, honoring the teachers for their commitment and dedication to the cause of education. Then came the fun element – students had organized fun games for all the teachers, wherein the teachers participated actively and enjoyed a lot.

The event ended by the cutting of the cake and all the teachers thanked the students for putting up such a wonderful event and making them feel special and important.

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