Early Years Activity Report

Early Years Activity Report 2018

Environment Day Celebration
The environment day was celebrated in a unique way on Friday, 29th June 2018, in the school auditorium. The students of Early Years were made aware of ill effects of using plastic things in form of bag, glass, spoon and so on. This was done through a small skit by students and teachers.

The skit ended with an interactive session wherein the audience helped in selecting the correct option for daily usage and agreed unanimously by shouting the slogan – “Say No to Plastic”. Our school Director Dr. Latha Venkataraman and Principal Ms. Shraddha Sardesai addressed the students and appreciated the enthusiasm shown by students and teachers.

This was followed by a class activity wherein the Early Years Lowers made paper bags, Middles made bags from dupatta and Uppers made bags from old T-Shirts. The recycling activity was appreciated by all and on great demands it was also conducted for all the teachers of our school.

Early Years Activity Report 2015

Early Years Picnic
The children of EY went for a picnic on Saturday 14th March, 2015 to Suruchi Park which is managed by Ayush Resort. On arrival they had breakfast followed by a visit to a replica of a palace, and a nature trail wherein they saw ostriches, crested pigeons, macaws, peacocks, teal, marine fishes and few amazing reptiles. This was followed by play time in the pool and then lunch. The children had a great time.

Holi was celebrated on 6th March, 2015. A brief history and the mythological story associated with Holi was narrated. Children came prepared to school with their water guns to play Holi. Dry colour and sweets were also distributed.

Chinese New Year
Celebration of Chinese New Year commenced on 19th February, 2015 and ended on 6th March, 2015. The mythological story and the costumes used during the festival were discussed. Children decorated their class rooms with dragons, lanterns and so on. On the last day of the new year children came to school dressed in traditional costumes.

Environment Week
Early Years celebrated Environment Week from 27th to 30th January, 2015. The children were made aware of the meaning of environment, the 3R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), various types of pollution and their effects. Environmental badges were also distributed. Children engaged in the activity of sowing some seeds and took the responsibility of taking care of the plants. They visited Khandeshwar Garden to see the lamps working on solar battery. This was followed by a cleanliness drive in the park. They picked up fallen wrappers and papers and deposited them in the garbage bin. The week concluded by a mime by the teachers of Early Years section. It was based on the concept of ‘Save Environment’.

Early Years celebration Report 2014

Eid Celebration
Eid was celebrated on 28th July. A ppt presentation explaining the significance of the festival was shown. The children also prepared a cards for their parents.

Friendship Day
Friendship-Day--We-are-all-friendsFriendship Day was celebrated on 1st August by telling them the importance of friend. A ppt on the same was shown followed by tying friendship bands to their friends.

Tying-RakhiThe students celebrated Rakshabandhan on 8th August by narrating the significance of the day through story.

Making-Rakhi-on-our-ownThe Early Years Lower children made rakhis in class. The Early Years Middle decorated a huge rakhi while the Early Years Upper children tied rakhis.

Celebrating-JanmashtmiJanmashthami was celebrated on 19th August. Children came dressed as Radhas and Krishnas. The story of Lord Krishna was briefly narrated. The boys made a small pyramid and broke the Hundi which was hung above them.

Early Years Activity Report of September 2013

Shilpakar (Clay Moulding)
This enjoyable activity was held on 6th September, 2013. The young sculptors of early years had their imagination running wild and they beautifully moulded the clay into snakes, cars, cakes etc.

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Grandparents’ Day

The tiny tots of early years celebrated the grandparents’ day on 13th September, 2013. A small cultural programme was conducted during the assembly. The entire programme was conducted by the children under the supervision of the teachers. It concluded with tea and biscuits. Principal Mr. Derek Hamilton, Coordinators Mrs. Anjna Sahi and Mrs. Shraddha Sardesai were present for the occasion.

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Onam Special Assembly

A special assembly was conducted to celebrate Onam on 17th September, 2013. The children were shown a small power point presentation and the importance of the festival was explained.

Teach Teacher A Poem

On 20th September 2013, the tiny tots participated in the activity “Teach Teacher A Poem” wherein the children came with a poem learnt and recited it for the teacher.

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Show and Tell

On 27th September 2013, Show and Tell activity was conducted. The tiny tots from Early Years came with an article of their choice and spoke about it in front of their friends.

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Drawing competition

The Art Department conducted a drawing competition on behalf of Camlin Company in the month of September. Children actively participated in it. The best three drawings from each class were selected as winning entries.

Early years – Activities Conducted in July

Early Years Lower and Middle celebrated Colour Days in the Month of July. These days were celebrated to teach the different colours to the children. Different activities related to that particular colour were conducted and take-aways were given to the children.

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At the end of the month, all the three classes i.e. EYL, EYM and EYU celebrated ‘Rainbow Day’ where the students came dressed in different colours of the rainbow. On this day, all the students gathered in the assembly area and painted a big rainbow which was then put up on the board.

It being monsoon season, the children also enjoyed ‘Monsoon Blast’ where all of them along with the teachers got wet and had fun in the rain. To teach the children about the different kinds of rainwear ‘Rain Walk’ was also organized where we took a walk in the rain while wearing Raincoats and using Umbrellas.

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