Spell Bee Competition

Spell Bee Competition 2018-19

DPGA – SB Competition 2018 was a thrilling experience to the DPGAians since it was the first time they had a Finale format that was 3-Rounds i.e. Regular, Buzzer and Rapid-Fire. Additionally, this was also the first time where the whole event was conducted by Student-Marshals – we can say ‘Of the students, for the students and by the students’; under the guidance of Teacher-mentors.

The competition was divided into 3 sessions – two eliminations and one finale. The first two sessions were conducted in the class with worksheets and the finale was in the auditorium with an audience comprising of DPGA staff and their school-mates. In the finale, minimum 2 representatives from each houses, grade-wise participated.

DPGA Spell-Competition 2018 – Finale was a grand success in terms of audience participation, vocabulary enhancement of the finalists, confidence gained by the student-marshals who hosted the show and, last but not the least the teacher-mentors pride in seeing their mentees (both the participants and student-marshals) giving their best.

Spell Bee Competition

The Spell Bee Competition held at Dr. Pillai Global Academy aimed at creating awareness of the possibilities of using varied words in oral and written expression and to add words to the active vocabulary of students. A thorough orientation was done by the English teachers before the event in the format of the competition.

The competition was designed in a pyramid structure enabling every student studying in Grades 1-12 to participate in the event. The students of grades 1-8 were given a spelling list to facilitate effective learning and participation, and the first round, a dictation round, was conducted in the classes on 21st November, 2013. The Semi Final round, conducted on 26th November, 2013, consisted of both oral and written rounds. The winners competed in the Final Rounds in a competition held during school hours on 29th November, 2013. A group of moderators and spellers from the teaching community facilitated the smooth organization and execution of the event. Summing up, the competition helped the children to familiarize with the spellings and usage of many unfamiliar words.

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