International Mindedness through Football Tournament

International Mindedness through Football Tournament

As an initiative to nurture the spirit of International Mindedness amongst members of DPGA (New Panvel), family, an Inter-house Football Tournament was held with an innovative idea of the four houses representing famous football playing nations of the world.

The four houses Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire and Topaz represented Germany, Brazil, Holland and Argentina respectively. The various aspects of instilling International Mindedness such as culture, history, language, geography, socio-economic features were highlighted through the medium of charts, 3d displays, audio-visual aids, dances and cuisine of these countries. Each house put up a stall showcasing the relevant features of it’s respective country.

The event encouraged the students and the parents community to come forward and participate with great enthusiasm. An remarkable highlight of the event was the presentation of the cuisine of these countries by the four houses. It was also interesting to note how the teachers, students and parents made an attempt to dress up as natives of the country they belonged to.

Students conducted an in-depth research on the topics allotted to them for their displays. They also gained a deep insight and understanding of cultures other than their own.

Emerald House, representing Brazil, got the prize for the overall presentation of their stall. Sapphire House, representing Holland, got the prize for the best costume. Topaz House, representing Argentina, bagged the prize for the most popular and entertaining stall. Ruby House, representing Germany, emerged as the winner of the football league.

The event was a grand success and we hope to have many such events in the future with an aim of fostering the spirit of International Mindedness and thus bringing into shape the very definition of a well-educated global citizen.

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