Enhancing Learning through Exhibition

Mathematics Display

Students, parents and teachers enthusiastically attended the Mathematical Display which dotted the assembly area of Dr. Pillai Global Academy on 29th November, 2014. It aimed at encouraging our students to be more involved in Mathematics and highlighting that Mathematics is a subject which can be both fascinating and fun.

A number of posters were displayed in the assembly area. The posters covered a range of topics from information about origin of numbers to fascinating facts about “Golden Ratio”. The posters also included derivation of certain very frequently used formulae like the one to calculate the area of a circle. The Snake and Ladder game (known as Moksha Patam) emphasized the role of fate or karma. Visitors had an enriching experience reading the contents of the posters. The poster which added beauty to the display was the one which gave a message of unity through numbers.

Apart from the posters were the colourful 3D models of “Shapes” made by students of Primary section. Models depicting various types of triangles with geometric instruments enriched the content of Math display. The “SUN DIAL” was an attraction in the display and the visitors actually tried to see how the shadow of the stick falling on the curved surface of the clock indicated time.

Mathematics is incomplete without brain racking puzzles and riddles. The visitors struggled hard to solve the puzzles in the Mathematics display and at the same time enjoyed them. The most crowded part of the display was “THE TOWER OF HANOI”, which was hardly skipped by anyone. Display on Magic Squares added to the recreation of the event.

An eye-catching artwork made up of different geometric shapes displayed integration between the subjects – Mathematics and Art.

The event was a great success due to the efforts of students and teachers. It was indeed an interactive and immersive experience for the visitors.

Social Studies Exhibition

A Social Studies Exhibition was organized at Dr. Pillai Global Academy on 29th November, 2014. It showcased various projects and models prepared by the students as a part of their project-based classroom learning. It was organized by the Social Science Department (Ms. Madhavi, Ms. Simrit Jude, Ms. Archana Santosh, Ms. Deepti Sasikumar and Ms. Aaisha Khot). More than hundred exhibits were prepared by 200 students in different groups from Grades I to VIII and it was displayed in the assembly area. The projects and models put on display were related to the field of social studies, encompassing the subjects Geography and History.

The Exhibition displayed realistic models of our world and the world beyond. Some of the models focused on the topographical features of our planet, while others focused on farming system, secondary activity, human environment, water cycle, coastal landform and different ways to prevent costal erosion and river flooding. The students diligently prepared different charts and diagrams describing uses of Geography in our life as well as various branches of Geography.

A walk through the history section was equivalent to a walk through of ancient culture and civilization. There were models and charts depicting Egyptian culture, Mesopotamian civilization, Greek civilization, Chinese culture and French revolution. One could find various beautiful and intricate models such as ziggurats, Pyramids etc.

The students of Grade II displayed their creative and aesthetic talent by displaying models of different houses. Grade I students prepared beautiful wall hangings of their worksheets based on Indian Festivals.

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