Science Exhibition

Science Exhibition 2017

It is rightly said “Today’s Science is tomorrow’s technology”. The Science department, at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, worked on these lines to put up an exhibition themed “Technology in Science”, on Tuesday, the 15th August, 2017.

The exhibits spanned all the three branches of Science-i.e, Biology, Chemistry and Physics. Students from grades 6 to 12, portrayed various advancements in Medicine, ranging from Prosthetics to robotic surgery and use of Nanotechnology in medicine. There was a separate section on advancements in Neurology and Cardiology. Other exhibits included the importance of airbags in cars and a working model on rain water harvesting.

The simulation on “Natural Selection”, handled by grade 7 students- Akshara Nair and Riya Gairola, earned everybody’s commendation. Human anatomy was brought alive, with the help of augmented reality. These projects were the centre of attraction and earned great accolades.

This exhibition, not only honed the communication skills of students, but also polished their skills in technology and was a step forward towards their all round development.

Science Exhibition 2016

With a view to encourage, popularize and inculcate scientific temper, the students of Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel, were taken to Science Utsav’s science exhibition at Bhavan’s Nature Park, Andheri on 30th January, 2016. Here, students from various schools showcased their scientific fervor in many ways and related the same with everyday life. There were 45 Students from grade 5 to 8 accompanied by 5 teachers. At the exhibition distinct venues were allotted for the different activities.

As one entered the reception area itself, one could feel the pulse and the magnitude of the event. The entire campus was abuzz with activities. We started with different types of nature photography followed by a show in which various species of different flowers were displayed. The volunteers ably guided us through the different sections of the venue. Workshops on mask making, origami, organic farming, dog show, pet show and puppet show fascinated the students and teachers alike.

The different exhibits displayed by students from various schools demonstrated a good degree of innovation and research. The exhibits, to name a few, included research projects on, sensors in classrooms to save electricity, global warming, bio degradable polythene and robot system to water plants using a mobile phone.

There was also a science show which highlighted experiments related to static electricity, electrons and protons, air pressure, microbes, etc. The students were fascinated with the different activities and workshops they did. With an endeavor to promote scientific attitude among budding young students, this exhibition was one of its kind.

Science Exhibition at Dr. Pillai Global Academy

Science has become an integral part of the modern world without which the whole societal structure risks collapse. A science exhibition being an interface of science and society contribute towards creating awareness about science as well as creating enthusiasm in students.

Students from all classes displayed projects / experiments successfully. The Primary section displayed models explaining water, soil, air and noise pollution. Overall the exhibition was appreciated by the entire community including the parents, teachers and the student body.

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Apart from the above robots, they also designed an arena. The person operating the X-robot (designed for that arena specifically) had to complete certain tasks so as to rescue victims of a natural disaster. The tasks included crossing an uneven terrain and a see-saw hill, taking the victims to a safety zone and triggering an air-drop mechanism to provide food to these victims. Visitors were given the chance to operate X-robot to perform the tasks in the arena which helped them appreciate the possibilities of robotics as a field of scientific investigation and application.

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