Staff Picnic

Staff Picnic 2014

The staff picnic of DPGA, New Panvel was organized on 6th September, 2014.

Accommodated in two buses, the staff members made their way to Pinewood Resort, Karjat early in the morning. Songs, snacks and smiling faces made the journey a befitting beginning to a fun filled day. The picnic party’s arrival was anticipated and breakfast was served on arrival. Then came the favourite part: DANCE! The staff shook a leg to popular songs for well over an hour. A big private hall was arranged by the Resort for the group.

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After dancing, most staff members entered the pool and enjoyed pool games. The rest of the staff relaxed by playing UNO cards or spending time in the premises of the resort.

Lunch was a welcome diversion. With legumes, rice, bread, vegetables and a chicken dish, it satisfied everyone’s palate. Post-lunch, the entire group met again in the hall to indulge in games. The lucky winners won gifts.

The staff members left the resort at 5.30 p.m. with pleasurable memories of a relaxing day spent with colleagues in the scenic location of Karjat.

Staff Picnic 2013

The staff members of Dr. Pillai Global Academy went on a picnic to Zara Resort, located at Khandala. Apart from relaxation and enjoyment the picnic also aimed at building up team spirit among the members of the staff.

The organization of the picnic was done by Mrs. Anjna Sahi and Mrs. Shraddha Sardesai. The arrangements for the picnic were given to “Adventure Education Tours (Mumbai) Pvt. Ltd.”

The journey to the resort was an enjoyable one, both due to the exquisite scenery on the way to Khandala and the dancing and singing in the bus. After breakfast the teachers were given the option of either being at the resort and enjoy the pool or to go for sightseeing.

The party that went sightseeing visited The NAB Lions Home for Aging Blind. A small scale industry is run by ageing blind people very successfully at the centre. Many teachers bought the items that were kept on sale thereby contributing to a small extent towards helping these brave people. After a tour of the scenic Khandala Ghats and the Tiger’s point the group proceeded back to the resort for lunch.

The teachers were asked to assemble in the banquet area of the resort after the lunch for the game session. There were many games that were organized in which the teachers enjoyed to the fullest. The day ended with more dancing.

Though the picnic was done in a day, the memories will linger for a long time.

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School Staff Picnic 2012

Why should students have all the fun?

On the 20th October 2012, the fairy godmother smiled, waved her magic wand and said, “All work and no play makes teachers of DPGA dull! Lo Behold! Presto! I grant them a day at Santosa Resorts in Pune where work would not touch them and fun would not leave them!”

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A staff of around 35 members, then, left the school in the morning in a bus singing and dancing their way to the water theme park. Playing traditional Antakshari, making merry and shouting at the top of their voices when passing through tunnels made the journey enjoyable and pleasant.

They had a hearty and quick breakfast eagerly waiting to get into the waters. The action began. The swimming pool embraced them with equal enthusiasm and excitement. Indulging in the snaky rides was a mind-blowing experience. The rain dance infusing the team with delight. Carpe diem was the word of the day! The games devised by the Cultural Committee enlivened the post-lunch session. Pav Bhaji and tea / coffee energized the group enough to find their way back home after 7 hours partying.

Meetings, staffrooms and other work at school have always wanted us to be together. But this was an occasion to let ourselves loose and be with each other to rejoice and revel out of workplace.

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