Visual Arts Exhibition

Visual Arts Exhibition

The Visual Arts Exhibition was put up at Dr. Pillai Global Academy, New Panvel in February 2020 showcasing the skills and artworks of our talented artist Prabha Kulkarni, IBDP 2. The theme chosen for the Visual Art Exhibition by Prabha Kulkarni was “My Dreamy Reality” under the guidance of Mr. Shankar Kathara, Visual Arts Teacher. The Visual Arts Exhibition was a component (partial fulfillment) of the Visual Arts course in IB Diploma Programme.

The exhibition opened at 11 a.m. The exhibition was inaugurated by Dr. Daphne Pillai, Secretary, MES and Ms. Mabel Chan along with our Director, Dr. Latha Venkataraman; Principal, Ms. Shraddha Sardesai and IBDP Coordinator, Dr. Mousumee Mishra by lighting the lamp. The exhibition witnessed a steady stream of teachers and students who were fascinated by the artworks. Many even had interesting questions to ask about the different artworks such as ‘An Isle Through Lenses’, ‘L’aristocrate’ Towards Doom’, ‘A Magical Gateway’, ‘Greasy Pleasure’, ‘Turquoise Landscape’, ‘Scene of Lyricality’, ‘Burrow of Spirituality’, ‘A Fauvist’s Way to Life’, ‘Jungle of Slabs’, ‘Wisdom of the Unknown’ and ‘Stairs of Delusions’. “The Idiom of Optimism” was the star attraction of the exhibition.

To quote Prabha, “There is a thin line between reality and illusion. In no way, ‘reality’ can be proved by anyone. How do we interpret what we see and is our perception? What is ‘reality ’and what is not? Does ‘reality ’even exist? Though one knows the answers to these questions, the experience of reality and fantasy seems connected; everyone perceives the same reality in different and unique ways using their own imaginations. Our emotions, preconceptions, beliefs and feelings all influence and inspire our creativity thus birthing imagination. Therefore, I have tried to create visual experiences that express the unique version of the mundane reality that I live in along with the emotions that I want to share with the world. Therefore, ‘My Dreamy Reality’ is the result of the inspirations taken from my experiences, dreams and fantasies that I most lovingly cherish to establish the idea that reality is filtered through the glass of illusions or vice versa.”

The feedback received was positive and encouraging as the visitors left the venue enriched with awareness of “My Dreamy Reality” presented through different artworks.

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